Polyester, Cotton, Reflective Cord

Polyester Cords:

Polyester cords are made from a synthetic material that is durable, lightweight and available in a variety of colours. These cords are mainly used in accessories such as bags, backpacks, wallets, briefcases, belts and shoes. Polyester cords are known for their excellent strength properties, tear and fade resistance.

Polyester cords are generally produced using the weaving or knitting method. The weaving method is done through weaving machines using many fine polyester threads. The knitting method, on the other hand, is produced by passing the yarns side by side and tying them tightly.

Cotton Cords:

Cotton cords are made from a natural material and are known for their soft, flexible and absorbent properties. These cords are generally used in areas such as clothing, shoes, bags and home textiles. Cotton cords are preferred by environmentally conscious consumers as they are an environmentally friendly and biodegradable option.

Cotton cords are generally produced using the knitting method. Cotton threads are fed into the knitting machine, and then the knitting machine binds the threads tightly.

Reflective Cords:

Reflective cords are coated with a special material to increase safety. These lanyards are designed especially for night use and increase the visibility of the wearer thanks to their light reflecting properties. Reflective cords are generally preferred for outdoor activities such as running, cycling and hiking.

Reflective cords are made of synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon. Then, the reflective material is adhered or compressed on the cord with a special method.

As a result, polyester cords are known for their durability, while cotton cords are soft and stretchy. Reflective cords, on the other hand, increase the visibility of the wearer at night.

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