Narrow weaving technique

Narrow weaving is a weaving technique in which the yarns used in the weaving process of the fabrics are formed by weaving narrowly, side by side or on top of each other. This technique makes the resulting fabric denser, stronger and tighter. Narrow weave is generally used in the production of higher quality fabrics.

Narrow weaving is especially used in weaving processes using natural yarns such as cotton, silk and wool. Fabrics produced with this technique are more durable, tighter and softer. Also, fabrics produced with narrow weave tend to deform less and stretch less.

Narrow weaving technique can be done by hand weaving machine, sewing machine or industrial machine. Fabrics produced with this technique can be used for products such as clothing, home textiles, drapes or curtains. Especially when narrow weaving is made by hand weaving machine, it is also possible to produce handmade products by making special designs and patterns.

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