Metal Textile Accessories Merter

Metal textile accessories are textile products in which metal materials are used. For example, it may include accessories such as metal buttons, strings, zippers, brooches, necklaces. These accessories are often used in fashion and design and can change the look or use of wearables.

Metal textile accessories can be produced in various shapes and sizes. For example, metal buttons can be made sometimes flat, sometimes round, and painted in different colors. Metal threads are generally thin and flexible and can be produced in a variety of colors. Metal zippers are usually made with metal or plastic materials.

Metal textile accessories can be used in various industrial fields. For example, they can be used in products such as wearable technology products, bags and wallets, clothes, shoes. At the same time, metal textile accessories can also be used for advertising and promotional purposes.

Metal textile accessories are usually made with metal materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, nickel or gold. These metal materials are preferred because they are durable, not heavy and can be processed quickly.

Finally, the production of metal textile accessories is usually done with technologies such as CNC machine, press machine, galvanizing machine, paint machine and are usually produced according to special orders.

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