Woven Rubber Production and Sales

Woven elastic is an elastic band produced using knitting or weaving techniques. It is used to increase the elasticity of the fabric or to hold it tightly. Woven rubber can be made from cotton, polyester, nylon, rubber or other elastomeric materials. The choice of these materials depends on the intended use of the tire.

Woven rubber is produced on weaving or knitting machines. The manufacturing process may vary depending on the choice of material and the characteristics of the tyre. However, woven rubber production in general starts with knitting or weaving yarns, starting from a bobbin. These threads are then tied together to form an elastic band. This tape is cut to the required length and finally it is made ready for use by going through various processes.

Woven rubber is used in many industries. For example, it is used in many clothing items in the clothing and fashion industry, such as waistbands, skirt or trouser cuffs, underwear and swimwear bands. It is also used in many different industries such as sports goods, medical devices, furniture, tents, washing machines and the automotive industry.

The distinctive features of woven rubber include flexibility, durability and holding power. Flexibility is measured by the tire's ability to stretch and bend. Durability is the ability of a tire to retain its shape over long periods of use. Holding strength is the ability of the tire to hold firmly on the material.

As a result, woven elastic is an elastic band produced using knitting or weaving techniques. This tape is used in many industries and has distinctive features such as flexibility, durability and holding power.

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