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We, as Alli Textile, mainly operate in our production of Woven Band, Ribbon, Cord, Metal Accessories. We have our own production and dye house. We also import some products (such as Lace, Metal Accessories…).

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Our Mission:
We, as Alli Tekstil Accessories & Narrow Weaving, our company has been operating since 2007. In the field of textile accessories, we serve all kinds of textile accessories demanded by our customers in the highest quality and fast way. In the narrow weaving area, elastic woven band, ribbon, cord and so on. We produce the products in our own production with quality raw materials and present them to our customers. We continue our progress with more than 60 machines and more than 30 teammates.

Our Vision:
We, as Alli Tekstil Accessories & Narrow Weaving, the main goal of our company is to increase our exports by increasing our production capacity and employment in the coming years, and to become the most successful manufacturer in the field of textile accessories and narrow weaving in our country.