Special Woven Super Woven Grosgrain Jacquard Tire
Tire Group

We produce Woven Elastic, Super Woven Elastic, Grosgrain, Jacquard Elastic, Boxer Elastic and Special Elastic used in textile products according to your needs.

Polyester, Cotton, Reflective Cord Textile Accessory
Cord Group

We produce cord types such as Polyester Cord, Cotton Cord and Reflective Cord specially for you.

Reflective, Polyester, Herringbone, Cotton Woven Tape
Strip Group

From Textile Accessories, we manufacture Woven Ribbon, Polyester Ribbon, Herringbone Ribbon, Cotton Ribbon and Reflective Ribbon in desired colours, patterns and sizes.

Woven Bias and Special Bias Textile Accessories
Bias Group

We produce Woven Piping and Special Piping, first quality materials, textile accessories.

Zipper, Button, Pullers, Interlining, Label, Strap

We manufacture and sell Zipper, Button, Puller, Interlining, Label, Hanger and Plastic Hanger types used in the textile industry in accordance with your products.