What is narrow woven rubber and where is it used?

Narrow Woven Elastic is a type of flexible material that is primarily produced from a narrow woven material. It is often used in the construction and automotive industry. They have features such as durability, lightness, high flexibility and low deformation. In addition, these tires perform well in high temperatures or extreme cold environments. It can be used in many different applications such as construction machinery wheels, crane cables, rubber bridges and building materials.

Narrow woven rubber in textile is a type of elastic material produced in the textile industry and used to maintain a uniform shape. Since these have a very flexible and soft woven structure, they are used for stretching garments such as waist area, scarves, hats and knee pads. It can also be used for comfort in daily wearables. Narrow woven elastics have properties such as good elasticity, durability and longevity and are widely used in the textile industry.

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